Every home needs 3
every vehicle needs 1
Lights powered
by the Sun

Light Up Your World

And charge your phone

Powered by the Sun

The sun is our energy source. Less battery use is friendly to the environment.

Essential to have

To be prepared, every home should have 3 and every vehicle should have 1. In an emergency, you will have a light source and power source for your phone.

Many Uses

Our lights have many uses:
Emergency Kits, Great flashlight during power outages, Convenient to have in vehicles.


Powered by the sun.


A compact, easy to carry lamp that can be used on the go.


A versatile lamp that provides a wide-angle beam for general illumination and a flashlight mode for reading and other tasks.

Pro AN

Pro All Night is fully equipped with a universal, 5.5 volt USB phone charging port and a large capacity battery enabling users to charge their phone or USB-powered device day or night.


Home features 3 hanging lamps with individual wall-mountable light switches to light up your RV, campground or backyard shed.